Annual Sports Day Report
01 2016-2017

Champions are made when potential is converted into performance. Celebrating health and happiness as the motto for the Post Centenary 132nd Annual Athletic Meet and P.T Display 2016, at St. Joseph's College grounds on the 13th of November under the able guidance of the Principal of the college, Rev. Fr. Rolfie D'Souza the Programme commenced with the arrival of the chief guest for the occasion, Brigadier Akhelesh Bhargava, President of the 19 Services Selection Board. He was escorted to the dais by the Principal of the college Rev. Fr. Rolfie D'Souza, the Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Leslie Cutinha and the Head-Master Rev. Fr. Albert Lobo. Most Rev. Dr. Raphy Manjaly Bishop of the R.C. Diocese of Allahabad presided over the function. It was followed by the opening prayer and lighting of the flame in the College Prayer Room. The College flag was then hoisted by the Chief Guest Brigadier Akhelesh Bhargava which was then followed by the College Anthem. As a token of love and appreciation a bouquet and a memento was then presented to the chief guest by the Principal Rev. Fr. Rolfie D'Souza. As the spirit of sports is the underlying theme of this event. The Opening Ceremony focused on the fact that a sound mind resides in a sound body. Stressing on the physical and mental well being, sports and games impart and sense of discipline, fellowship, team-spirit, morals, skills and the art of living ports provide the right avenues to channelize a student's energy and vitality making their leisure hours worthwhile. Sports across the globe raises mutual understanding and promotes peace in international relations which is the need of the hour. It furthermore helps to overcome prejudice against each other. So the Senior Section boys of the college presented a breath taking opening ceremony dedicated to sports for peace. Then, the students of LKG and PREP presented before the audience Rumble in the Jungle depicting the wonderful sounds and sights of the jungle life and spreading awareness about the depleting forest cover and the danger of animal extinction on a large scale.

The Chief Coordinator for the event, Mr. Aubrey McGowan welcomed the batch of 1991 and congratulated them for celebrating the 25th anniversary of their passing out from the hallowed portals of this glorious institution.

The College captain Anahad Narain led the different houses in a very well coordinated and disciplined march Past followed by the oath taking ceremony by the Athletic Captain Abhishek Pandey, who took the oath on behalf of all the students of the College. The Bishop of the R.C. Diocese Most Rev. Dr. Raphy Manjaly in his address quoted a world renowned psychiatrist Dr. Scotpeg, 'If someone tells you life is easy, he is telling a lie." He said that life is difficult as it throws a number of challenges at us, but the good part is that life gives us resources to face the challenges and the problems. Discipline being one of the best way to tackle the problems and sports is that field which gives us the perfect discipline, ultimately helping us face the problems, There after the Bishop of the R.C. Diocese Most Rev. Dr. Raphy Manjaly declared the Post Centenary 132nd Annual Athletic Meet and P.T Display 2016 open. Dressed up as little magicians, the Students of class I and II presented before the audience a combined P.T. display with the motto. The language of love - the language of the world. The year of 2016 is the year of mercy. The SJC Brigade For peace consisting of classes III and IV dressed up as Black-Cat Commandos encouraged the audience to fight terror unanimously and follow the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi to help make the world a better place to live in.

The Indian army is one of the largest standing armies in the world. Initially the army's main objective was to defend the nation's frontiers. However over the years the army has taken up the responsibility of providing integral security, especially in insurgent hit areas like Kashmir and the North-East. The Indian air force is the air arm of the Indian armed forces. It's primary responsibility is to secure the Indian air space and to conduct aerial warfare. The Indian Navy is one of the world's largest naval forces and aspires to develop into a blue water navy. The students of class V saluted all these great heroes who have always ensured security to all the citizens of India and showed their respect by performing a drill.

An Extravaganza of Umbrellas with the theme-Hard work leads to success was showcased by the students of class VI, VII and VIII in their group P.T.

The Batch of 1974 honoured Mr. M S U Kazmi an ex-student and also retired science teacher of the college, a mentor to be cherished and long-remembered. Thereafter followed by the Father Rego award presented by the batch of 1974 to Yashasvi Raj and Priyadarshi Singh both city toppers with the highest marks in Allahabad scoring 97.8%. They were also given a prize for excellence in English in the ICSE Board Examination by the batch of 1972. A special video presentation was also shown emphasizing the importance of sports in our lives. The Chief Guest Brigadier Akhelesh Bhargava in his ending speech he said that no matter what profession we choose, we should always walk the straight path. He complimented how each and every exercise was very well synchronized and coordinated. He congratulated each and every winner. He asked the parents to ensure that their boy. "He ended his speech saying that the friendships and the opponents one makes while playing games or the medals one wins remains in the memory forever.

The vote of thanks was proposed by the College Captain Anahad Narain which was followed by the National Anthem and Beating of the Retreat.

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