The College Emblem

ESTD. 1884

The College Emblem was created in the year 1884 at the very outset of the
establishment of the College.
The Mitre symbolises the Divine Authority over the School through the Bishop.
The Shining Star with its rays symbolizes the Light and the Students shining at the
highest possible positions in the world.
The Lamp filled with oil and the Burning Flame symbolises the never ending
efforts of the Teachers and the Management.
The Sea symbolises the Depth of Knowledge in the College.
The Eagle symbolises the Height of Knowledge right to the zenith.
The Lighthouse in the sea symbolises the Light that is the guiding factor to
whosoever comes under its ambit.
The Motto of our College is Semper Sursum which means, 'Always Aim High'.
The Emblem is adorned with Four Colours-Green, Yellow, Blue Red which are
represented by the Four Houses of the College.
The College Flag is also merged in the Emblem with the colours Dark Blue, Light
Blue and Green.