College Captain's Message
01 College Captain's Message 2020-2021


I feel absolutely honoured to reach out to you through our college’s website as the College Captain of the '21 batch. I feel blessed to be leading my fellow Josephites and it wouldn’t have been possible without the blessings of the almighty God, our beloved principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Kumar, Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Anil Michael, Head Master Rev Fr. George Medepalli, The Administrator Mr. A. McGowan, The Chief Coordinator Mr J. Dube and all my beloved teachers.

Well, this school has witnessed a lot of great things and has also stood tall even in dark periods but what the red walls of SJC have never witnessed is silence and being void of it’s own children, but this year the dusty blackboards have been replaced with computer screens and all those hours on the football field have been replaced by muted mics and the filled corridors have been replaced with haunting silence. Maybe this year was more about teaching us how life at every minute can be so uncertain but even in this short span of uncertainty what a man requires as a social being is a new perspective which keeps up with the pace of this fast moving train. From the day I stepped in SJC and got my clothes dirty with the mud of the football field to the day I stood at the podium delivering my speech as the captain, there has always been a fear, somewhere deep down inside of leaving this place and I am very certain that every Josephite has once had this fear in his heart too. You see maybe this is what the definition of man being a social being wanted to teach us, that man is nothing more than opinions and relationships which he keeps very close to his heart and of all the empires that have stood and that have fallen down the only people who made a difference were the ones who were willing to change their opinions and relationships based on circumstances because just like a snake which cannot cast his skin has to die, such are the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions.

You see, wars are never meant to be won, maybe they are meant to be continuous because on one side where a person celebrates their victory, others mourn in silence and to quote Ted Mosby : "There's no way of knowing for sure where the safest place is, so the best you can hope for, is to have some good company."

I am grateful to be studying in a school that has taken care of their students' happiness even in such adverse situations. And with great power comes great responsibility, so I pledge to stick firmly to my duties and make decisions that will not only benefit my fellow Josephites but our entire school as a whole.

"Semper Sursum, Always Aim High."
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