College Captain's Message
01 College Captain's Message 2019-2020


"Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless
implementation, and talented people working together."
- Alan Mullaly

I am grateful to God for getting this opportunity to lead this prestigious institution as its College Captain for the Academic Year 2019-20. Being the College Captain has always been my dream and wearing this badge on my chest and this sash over my shirt, I feel like my biggest dream has come true.

However its not just a dream that has come true but also a new journey which has started, a journey which is going to be filled with ups and downs but also, a journey which will have various beautiful moments and a journey which will not just teach me but all of us something or the other and that is the best part about this journey. Without a vision any journey is incomplete, and I feel it is an essential quality for a Leader to have a vision for his team and I also have a vision not just for my team but for each and every Josephite and that vision is, that we take our school, our beloved SJC to even greater heights than it already has and not just in one field but each and every field and that we prove to everyone that SJC is not just a good school but it is the best school.

I want all my fellow Josephites to know and to understand that no matter what the circumstances I will always believe in them even if no one else does and I also want to help them develop a firm belief in their abilities and more importantly, in themselves.

My school has given me a lot over the past 12 years, it has imparted me not just with education but with discipline, confidence, compassion and so many great virtues and I believe that now it is my time to serve this great institution, as its College Captain. I would like to assure everyone that I will try my best to make sure that SJC achieves great heights and my aspirations for my team and myself are always going to be very high because that is what this institution has always taught me,

"Semper Sursum-Always Aim High."
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