Teachers' Farewell

“Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All we have is what is in between hello and goodbye.”

The world owes so much to the ceaseless efforts of teachers and St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj, bids warm adieu to one of its most beloved teachers, Ms. Gloria French.

The warm morning of 30th April 2019 saw the entire school of St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj gearing up to welcome its outgoing staff , Ms. Gloria French .The programme commenced with the arrival of our Principal Rev.Fr. Rolfie D’Souza, our Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Joseph Sagayanathan, our Additional Administrator and Chief Coordinator, Mr. A .McGowan and our Staff Coordinator Mr. Jyoti Dube and Ms. G. French, escorted by the Marching Band of SJC.

The Master of Ceremony, Aryan Malviya of 12-B, in his introductory speech, laid emphasis on the beautiful sunny morning being in sync with our joy filled hearts. Following a reading from the Holy Bible by Ms. B Raphael, the students of the Junior Section Choir presented a Prayer Song invoking God’s choicest blessings. It was followed in turn by the College Anthem.

Post a floral welcome by the College Administration and the subsequent March Past by the Senior Section students, Utkarsh Singh of class 12-C in his speech, next, emphasized on how motivating and caring a teacher Ms. G. French is. He dwelt on how teachers like her always have an indelible impact upon impressionable minds.

The entire school was mesmerized by a lively action song presented by the junior section students. Thereafter Ms. French was welcomed with lovely bouquets and cards thus expressing their fondness for a loving and hard-working teacher. Students of classes 6 to 9 expressed their love for Ms. G. French through a well synchronized dance performance. It was followed by the Senior Section boys showing their love and affection towards Ms. G. French by presenting lovely bouquets and cards.

Next, the College Principal Rev. Fr. Rolfie D’Souza complimented Ma’am on her tireless efforts for 38 years, stressing upon her cheerful and wonderful nature, besides remarking on her leadership qualities. He asked God Almighty to shower his choicest blessings on her, saying she will always be remembered warmly by everyone. After receiving a memento from the College Principal, Ms. G. French came up to speak for the last time in front of her dear students. She reminisced her 38 years of teaching in this glorious institution and thanked the Almighty for giving strength and courage. Deeply nostalgic already, she couldn’t help expressing sorrow over missing the fun, the laughter and the noise of the classes, besides obviously the warm affection of her students.

The programme came to an end with an enchanting song by the Senior Section Choir and the singing of the National Anthem by the entire audience. To conclude the event, the Vote of Thanks was given by Raghav Om who thanked the Almighty for showering his blessings on each and every Josephite and making this day so wonderful.

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