Teachers' Farewell

"Don't cry because it is over,smile because it happened." Dr.Seuss

How do students get inspired to do something extraordinary? Simple. A teacher with extraordinary vision, willing to take extra pains for each and everyone of his/her students, is the reason why students make it big in life.

15th August,2021 marked a doubly memorable occasion for the staff and students of St.Joseph's College, Prayagraj, as they celebrated both the 75th Independence Day and farewell programme for the outgoing staff. It is not everyday that an institution bids farewell to six teachers,Mr.A.Simon,Mr.R.Sharma, Mrs.M.Kujur, Dr. (Mrs.)N.Malaviya, Mrs.K.Goel, Mrs.P.Frederick and specially remember Late Mrs.A.Cutting whom the pandemic unfortunately took away.

Mrs.S.Sebastian,the Mistress of Ceremonies, warmly welcomed the Guests of Honour, extolling their sterling qualities of head and heart. Mrs.M.Paul praised Mr.A.Simon for being a fantastic Blue House Master, leading his house to victory, for always being an amiable teacher, loved by one and all. Mr.A.Simon recalled his three and a half decades of teaching experience which combined with his and his son's schooling in the same hallowed portals, summed up a life well lived. Mrs.R.Gupta then presented a bouquet to Mr.A.Simon.

In her felicitation speech, Mrs.D.Mishra appreciated Mrs.M.Kujur for her maternal love informing every aspect of her dealings with colleagues and children. Mrs.M.Kujur thanked Fr.Thomas for his stewardship and also many teachers by name for adding to the richness of her journey in SJC.She reminded students to never give up trying.Mrs.N.Devi then presented a bouquet to Mrs.M.Kujur.

Subsequent to a performance by the College Band under the guidance of Mr.D.Naik, Mrs.R.Shukla, lauded Mrs.P.Frederick for her dedication all through her 33 years of service. A soft-spoken teacher, she has never let adversity of any sort affect her commitment to the cause of education. Mrs.P.Frederick, having worked under two principals with the same first name Rev.Fr.Thomas, felt her life to have truly come full circle. She thanked everyone for their cooperation. Dr.(Mrs.)P.D.Souza felicitated Mrs.P.Frederick with a beautiful bouquet.

It was now the turn of Sheersh Moses to deliver a beautiful patriotic song and then of Mr.S.B.Rai to appreciate Mr.R.Sharma for his sound knowledge of the subject, cheerful demeanor and being a great colleague.In his typical self-effacing way, Mr.R.Sharma ,thanked everyone for their wonderful cooperation all over the years.Mr.N.B.Lawrence then presented a lovely bouquet to Mr.R.Sharma.

Mr.J.Joseph in his speech on Dr.(Mrs.)N.Malaviya, his former teacher-cum-colleague, waxed eloquent on the best teaching techniques employed by Dr.(Mrs.)N.Malaviya. Even the most complex concepts were rendered lucid, such was her style of teaching. David Moses of class 3-B next sang a lovely song. Following up, Mr.C.Mishra, in a heartfelt tribute to Mrs.K.Goel, thanked her for the perfectionist she was and training him to be a very good teacher.Mrs.K.Goel wished everyone success in their endeavours and was presented a wonderful bouquet by Mr.W.Gardner.

Needless to say, each one of the outgoing beloved and respected teachers were given a memento and a gift by the College Principal,Rev.Fr.Thomas Kumar,as a mark of the regard each one was held by the Management.

How does one sum up one's feelings and thoughts on a mother figure,a mother in essence? Mrs.J.Cutting, in an emotional tribute to her late mother-in-law, Mrs.A.Cutting,dwelt on her 34 years of teaching experience, on her multiple remarkable traits and of her gentle ,caring soul finally succumbing to the global pandemic on 28th April 2021. It goes without saying that the whole audience fought to keep tears back as Mrs.J.Cutting recited a lovely poem by Ms.F.D'Souza titled In Memoriam, in honour of Mrs.A.Cutting.

The College Principal,Rev.Fr.Thomas Kumar, stressed on how it was fitting that a farewell programme for teachers should coincide with the day our nation is celebrating Independence Da

The College Principal,Rev.Fr.Thomas Kumar, stressed on how it was fitting that a farewell programme for teachers should coincide with the day our nation is celebrating Independence Day as teachers are the real nation builders. Teachers inspire us for eternity and can only be given a farewell from classrooms though they continue to mentor younger teachers ensuring the quality of education remains excellent as always.

The programme concluded with the singing of the College Anthem by everyone.

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