Teachers' Farewell
01SJC bids a warm goodbye to its outgoing teachers

"Learning from a good teacher is an experience that can sometimes be more profound than education itself."

Great teachers are a blessing and a veritable boon. Naturally,when they leave their vocation behind,they leave unforgettable impressions on the minds and the hearts of many generations of grateful students. 22nd April,2022 marked a momentous occasion for the staff and the students of St.Joseph's College, Prayagraj,as they gathered to bid a warm farewell to three outgoing teachers,Mrs.D.Raj, Dr(Mrs.)P .D'Souza and Mrs.A.Singh.

The programme started with the Master of Ceremonies,Yash Goel welcoming the Guest of Honour,Rev.Fr.Stany Michael D'Souza and the honourable guests for the day,as they were being ushered in by the N.C.C.along with the Principal,Rev.Fr.Thomas Kumar,the Vice-Principal,Rev.Fr.Anil Michael, the Headmaster,Rev.Fr.George Medapalli,the Administrator,Mr.A.Mc Gowan and the Staff Coordinator,Mr.J.Dube.Invoking God's blessings,Mrs.S.Chattree read a select excerpt from the Holy Bible and a special prayer.A prayer song gave way to the floral welcome of the Chief Guests and the Guest of Honour by the Principal.Rev.Fr.Stany Michael D'Souza then handed over Excellence in teaching awards to Mr.N.B.Lawrence and Mrs.A.E. Harris,awards earlier given by the United Group of Institutions.Following marchpast by the office bearers of the present session,the College Vice-Captain,Antriksh Johari, expressed his gratitude to all the three teachers for being such stellar examples of selfless dedication.

In her speech,Ms.F.D'Souza,congratulated Mrs.D.Raj, recipient of the prestigious Rev.Fr.Rego Mentor Award,for successful completion of 31 years of excellence in teaching, for giving students a platform through her G.K.Association and motivating students to reach for the stars and also dedicated a poem to her benign and lively presence. Mrs.D.Raj thanked all her Principals, past and present,all her colleagues, her students and all the support staff for contributing to her growth.

Recipient of the prestigious Mahadevi Award, champion of the underprivileged, Dr.(Mrs.)P.D'Souza was next felicitated by Mrs.N.Devi who lauded her for her multifarious contributions.Thanking all her former Principals, colleagues and students, Dr.(Mrs.)P.D'Souza for their appreciation, she expressed the hope that the mantle of L.T.S. Association will be taken up by a selfless soul.

In his speech dedicated to Mrs.A.Singh, Mr.C.Mishra emphasized on the relentless enthusiasm of Mrs.A.Singh and thanked her for inspiring him to be a mentor to all students.

Lovely wishes were showered on all the three teachers through the medium of songs, band performances and of course beautiful flowers.

Thereafter,Mrs.A.Harris congratulated the Guest of Honour,Rev.Fr.Stany Michael D'Souza for successful completion of 50 years of priesthood,thanking him for being a strict administrator yet a humble person.Addressing the retirees,Rev.Fr.Stany Michael D'Souza, blessed them for their wonderful contributions to the cause of education, dwelling on how they have acquired increased vitality through constant interaction with young and impressionable minds.He exhorted students to be focused on their top priority in life: education,beyond the printed word and work for the unity of the motherland.

Fr.Thomas Kumar congratulated Rev.Fr.Stany Michael D'Souza for his Golden Jubilee where the noble vocation of priesthood is concerned, encouraging all present to remember the three watchwords of the former illustrious Principal-discipline, development and dedicated teachers.He urged the students to remember that they should always be true to the life lessons imparted by these wonderful pillars of the institution.

The programme concluded with the singing of the College Anthem.

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