Crossdion and the Lively Myths is Arishh’s first novel
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  • Event date: 31/07/2020
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In this present age of smartphones and all types of gadgets, the power of imagination has taken a back seat. Our children are being deprived of the world of fiction and lore. And then, there comes an amazing writer who, in spite of his tender age takes his readers on a thrilling journey.
Meet the youngest novelist of Prayagraj, Arishh Abraaham, a boy of class 7th in St. Joseph’s College, Allahabad and writer of the newly launched novel, Crossdion and the Lively Myths. He wrote his novel last year at the young age of 11, which has now been published by Notion Press and was launched in April 2020. 
Arishh started indulging in the art of storytelling as soon as he learnt to frame sentences. At a tender age of 5 or 6, his favourite pastime was to gather his younger cousins and friends and narrate to them, his self-made tales which were mostly inspired by the various stories that he would read at bedtime. His love for Greek mythology and various other facts and myths revolving around our Universe motivated him to start writing. 
Crossdion and the Lively Myths is Arishh’s first novel. It is a lovely tale that blends the modern world with ancient Greek myths. The story is about a Greek American boy, Peter, born and brought up in New York but with an eternal connection to the creation of the multiverse.  A boy, who had no idea who he really was until the day he meets his new friends or rather the oldest friends. 
The action packed pages take the reader on a roller coaster ride of Peter’s life as it takes wild twists and turns, pursued by monsters and gods. He is made to realize that he is no ordinary being. He is the god of all gods and the universe he thinks he lives in, is actually a creation of his own. Does he really have the potential to deal with his past, present and future? What all does he have to do, to come face to face with his true self?
Find the answers to all of these in this easily understandable yet gripping novel, Crossdion and the Lively Myths.
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